Course In Centre


To Teach We Must First Learn

In KC education, we believe effective education requires understanding and adjusting to different student’s aptitudes. Hence, we strive for flexibility and pertinence in our teaching materials. We promise contents of teaching would be adjusted accordingly after in-depth observation of each student’s abilities. We believe the increased efficiency in teaching and learning is worth the extra hassle.


Small Group Teaching

Low teacher to student ratio negatively affects student’s opportunity in getting prime education. With junior secondary and international schools standing at a disappointing 1:7 ratio; while senior secondary level at a worrying 1:10. Small group teaching allows KC teaching staff to throughly communicate and understand each student, providing a superior learning environment than everyday classrooms.


Trusted For Quality

Our efforts in assuring quality have made us a trusted provider of education locally. Invited by numerous local prestigious secondary schools like Fukien Secondary School to provide international exam syllabus courses (e.g IGCSE and IAL) to their students, proves that our expertise have granted us trust in the local academia.