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Cancellation Policy


Effective from 4th September 2017, the following cancellation policy will be implemented.
The policy is introduced to standardise our arrangements for lesson cancellation or rescheduling from our customers as well as improving our administrative arrangements.

Students should inform our teaching staff 2 days prior to their absence from classes if possible.

All students can only submit 2 lesson rescheduling or make-up applications for each subject every month. The application should be submitted 2 days before the lesson concerned.

Make-up lessons or rescheduled lessons should be completed within 1 weeks after the date of the lesson absented from.
Applications will not be accepted after the above mentioned period.

Each lesson can only be rescheduled once, further rescheduling or make-up will not be allowed for absence.

Our teaching staff reserves the right to reject students from classes they did not apply for make-up or rescheduling.

Office contact:
Prince Edward Branch:
Ms Chan: 2394 5833
Wanchai Branch:
Mr Chan: 2598 8777

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Class Arrangement for Summer:

The lessons for International Course in July would spend between

15/07/2024(Mon) -03/08/2024(Sat),

Details would be as follows:


Monday         Class Date :  15/7, 22/7, 29/7

Tuesday         Class Date : 16/7, 23/7, 30/7

Wednesday   Class Date :  17/7, 24/7, 31/7

Thursday       Class Date :  18/7, 25/7, 1/8

Friday            Class Date :  19/7, 26/7, 2/8

Saturday        Class Date :  20/7, 27/7, 3/8